Embroidery Services

Our Embroidery Department and skilled team consist of up to date Tagima multi-head equipment  that can embroider at the highest level.  Capable of sewing for both retail and industrial applications on most all fabrics.  We proof your designs prior to production for your satisfaction and have some of the best digitizers in the industry.  

Screen Printing Services

We have automated equipment in traditional screen print method and also the latest digital equipment making digital screen  printed transfers that produce the highest quality, highest resolution imprints in the industry that go on any fabric , that are more durable, breathable than traditional plastisol method, using water base inks for enviro friendly applications.  

Heat Transfer Services

Automated High quality machines that produce great results on hard to decorate items in small or high quantities, on anything from bags, blankets, shirt sleeves yokes or labels, using transfers in digital multicolor imprint, to traditional plastisol inks, water base inks, sublimation,  and vinyl.  Other uses often used for custom numbers, names.  

Patch Services

We provide custom patches in short lead times, at great prices with design services included.  Embroidered patches, Sublimated patches, or combination of both.  3D patches, Bullion patches, and woven patches, with all types of backings.  We have shipped our patches all over the world.  We are a licensed Boy Scout supplier, and have done some of the highest quality work pushing the limits of traditional patches.  We can provide patches both wholesale if applied for as a dealer or retail.  

Artwork Services

Logo Development, redrawing of art, editing, color separation, typesetting all are a part of the artwork services as well as keeping your history so when you need to make changes or need consistency we can provide.  We want to help you promote your brand, and make your ideas come to life and not break the bank doing it.   

Paper Printing

Forms, Envelopes, business cards, catalogs, marketing literature, both in offset or digital to help promote your brand.   Many of our customers use us for years with forms and business card, and even checks because it is what makes the wheels go round in the business.  

Webstore and Fulfilment

Custom built webstores or showrooms built for Company Stores, events, fundraisers, providing solutions to streamline the order process and collection of funds and the efforts to do so.  Let us help manage the task. Our sales staff can provide presentations which can be converted to webstore, and eventually full website at little or no charge to help support bringing your company or organization needs and marketing efforts to life.  Because of our transfer making and embroidery department often times short lead time we can fulfil company needs with out much storage of goods and costly inventory laying on shelves.  


Our Investment in our showroom helps us both be able to make selections from some of the best and biggest brands in the industry. You can come and see us, or we can come and see you with our mobile racks for personal presentations.  We try to make your decisions easy realizing it is hard to buy items from a picture, without the feel and try on of the garment.  We can also do employee try on after selections have been made to ensure accuracy of sizing and save you costly reordering if something does not fit.  We understand that many times employees or individuals have questions for apparel needs.  

Delivery Services

We can provide that when it makes sense.  We value seeing our customers and making sure your happy with our product standing behind what ever we sell.  

Other Services for You

All though we do not decorate all items in the Advertising Specialty product line we have companies that do it for us much better than we could and know when to use them for your satisfaction and needs and do business with some of the biggest names in the industry because of our company reputation.  We are members of ASI, SAGE, PPAI, MIPPA, and attend trade shows for training for some of our sales staff to stay up to date with the latest trends. We are proud to see our representatives that come to see us as well.   We have strived to keep up to date order processing and artwork storage for accurate ordering all for your benefit trying to provide a quality service and reputation.  


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