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  •  Low cost $ .06 down to .03 per square inch
  •  25.00 minimum order
  •  No size limit
  •  No outline around image and fine detail
  •  High Vibrancy, great durability,
  •  Soft hand and can be textured to garment, Matte finish
  •  CMYK plus white prints full color
  •  Recommended for Cotton, polyester, cotton/polyester blends, triblends, Lycra/Spandex
  •  Ships from Michigan

"PerfectaLogo" Digital Transfers Quote/Order Form

Please put in size of logo:

Width Inches

Height Inches

Total square inches =

Please look at pricing grid to determine price per square inches.
12-24 sq. inches .06 level 1
25-71 sq. inches .05 level 2
72-143 sq. inches .04 level 3
144 sq. inches + .03 level 4

Note if the next level pricing is less but, with more square inches use the lessor price.

Catalog price guide for reference:

Pricing ($25.00 Minimum order charge)

Image Cost - 12 sq. inch minimum
3.25x3.25" 5x5" 12x4.1" 12x6" 12x12"
12-24 sq. inch 25-49 sq. inch 50-71 sq. inch 72-143 sq. inch 144> sq. inch
$0.06/sq in. $0.05/sq in. $0.05/sq in. $0.04/sq in. $0.03/sq in.
Price Example: 12(sq in.) x $0.06 = $0.72

Total square inches x per square inch =


Total price of transfers =

Note if special PMS color are required please ensure artwork CMYK color values are correct artwork prints as is. If artwork needs to be modified extra charges may apply.

Date required:

Color of garment to be applied

Normal production is 3 days, please include email address UPS tracking can be issued. Note that order acknowledgement will be emailed before production and projected due date please review carefully to ensure order is correct before production.

Artwork Guildlines;

Types of files best used: Vector or Bitmap,

  1. No size restrictions
  2. Convert all text to curves/outlines
  3. Please specify if background gets deleted
  4. Line thickness minimum of .018
  5. Special effects that fade to no ink can not be printed.
  6. Bitmap artwork needs to be high resolution to size for best possible outcome.
    Type of files that can be used, AI, BMP, EPS, GIF, JPEG, JPG, PDF, PNG< PSD, SVG, TIF, TIFF
    CorelDraw saved as PDF or EPS
    Adobe Illustrator all version
    Adobe Acrabat (PDF) all versions,
    Photoshop all versions

Tips/ Application


Please check over transfers carefully before applying.

Set Temperature to 295 F
Pre-Heat Garment for 3-5 seconds to remove moisture
or wrinkles and to ensure you have buttons, zippers and
or pockets out of the way from damage.

Position transfers in desired placement.

Apply for 15 seconds Pressure 60 + pounds, Let cool and peel cold, we have three types of film, cold, warm, and One second peel. Currently Cold.

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